Welcome to ICCOM Pisa

ICCOM@PI is the Pisa research unit of the Institute of Chemistry of Organometallic Compounds (ICCOM) of the Italian National Research Council.
Research activities at ICCOM@PI are mainly focused on the development of new synthetic strategies and analytical, spectroscopic and computational methods for applications in fundamental research fields such as materials chemistry, renewable energy, green-chemistry/environment, health, and cultural heritage.

ICCOM@PI, established in 2001, at present numbers 24 research scientists, 8 laboratory technicians, 8 academic research associates and a number of students and postdoc fellows working in 5 laboratories:



Instrumental Analytical Chemistry Lab development of analytical methods and instrumentation.


Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Lab development of models and methods for studying complex systems from (bio-) molecules to advanced materials.


Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Lab set up and application of NMR and EPR techniques.


Applied Laser Spectroscopy Lab Raman and LIBS spectroscopies and multi-spectral imaging.


Polymeric Material Chemistry Lab preparation and characterization of functional polymers and polymer-based nano-composites.

The cooperation of researchers with expertise in analytical, macromolecular and theoretical chemistry, optical and magnetic resonance spectroscopy makes ICCOM@PI a flexible and multidisciplinary structure able to carry out both fundamental and applied research, and to actively promote technology transfer.

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