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Barcaro G, Fortunelli A. Small Au clusters on a defective MgO(100) surface. CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS. 2008;457:143–147.
Barcaro G, Fortunelli A. Adsorption and Diffusion of Fe on a Titania Ultrathin Film. JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A. 2009;113:14860–14866.
Barcaro G, Fortunelli A. The interaction of coinage metal clusters with the MgO(100) surface. JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL THEORY AND COMPUTATION. 2005;1:972–985.
Barcaro G, Zhu B, Hou M, Fortunelli A. Growth of carbon clusters on a Ni(111) surface. COMPUTATIONAL MATERIALS SCIENCE. 2012;63:303–311.
Barcaro G, Fortunelli A, Granozzi G. Metal adsorption on oxide polar ultrathin films. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 2008;10:1876–1882. Abstract
Barcaro G, Ferrando R, Fortunelli A, Rossi G. Exotic Supported CoPt Nanostructures: From Clusters to Wires. JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS. 2010;1:111–115.