2012 - 2014
Novel Nano-Stabilisation for Green Bioplastic Nanocomposites
Principal Investigator: 
Elisa Passaglia
Project type: 


The primary focus of NANOSTAB-GB (Novel NanoStabilisation for GreenBiopolymer-Nanocomposites) is on developing innovative technology forenhancing processability, performance and durability of sustainable greenbiopolymer-based nanocomposite materials. The underpinning science is anovel chemical process for the immobilisation of protective agents ontonatural nanoscopic-size reinforcing fillers embedded in biodegradable andcompostable polymers. The novel chemistry developed here will betechnologically relevant and industrially viable for production of durablestructured biodegradable nanocomposites with direct involvement (in projectand training) of leading European producer. One challenging demand inmaterials research today is that of the development of advanced materialsbased on sustainable resources as alternatives to fossil fuel-basedmaterials. Current biopolymer-clay-based nanocomposites have the potentialto meeting this demand competitively but only when new technologicalbreakthroughs emerge to overcome major short- and long- term performanceproblems of stability during high temperature manufacture and in-sevice.The scientific goal of NANOSTAB-GB is to bring about step-change developmentin a technology platform which is readily scalable by implementing smartstabilisation approaches for modifying nanoparticles and buildingbiopolymer-nanoparticle reinforcing networks structured aroundnaturally-occurring, bio- or synthetically- based antioxidants. Resultsgenerated will be disseminated globally; the outcome of NANOSTAB-GBaddresses directly the EU vision of Knowledge Based Bio Economy. IPgenerated will help maintain EU lead on green materials and to meeting CO2emission targets. Above all, it will provide an inspirational trainingopportunity for a talented fellow with assured successful outcomebenefitting both fellow and EU with the emergence of a multi-skilled leaderin biomass-based materials research with sustainability at its core