2011 - 2014
New Polymer Systems with Electric and Optical Functionalities via Nano and Micro Adhesive Dispersion to Produce Materials and Devices for Smart Applications
Principal Investigator: 
Elisa Passaglia
Project type: 


The mission of the present project is the preparation, design, characterisation, processing and performance evaluation of polymer based smart materials thanks also to the creation of a skilled interdisciplinary and integrated research group among various academic laboratories of University, CNR and SNS in Pisa, already possessing internationally validated expertise in these fields. The activity within the project will then be carried out in order to achieve the following objectives: a) to design, synthesize and characterize innovative organic chromophores, conjugated polymers, metal nanoparticles, ionic liquids, polyelectrolites and magnetic derivatives; b) to produce and study new polymer based multiphase systems (blends, nano- and micro-composites) with excellent processability and electro- or opto-responsive features by efficient mixing of thermoplastic and elastomeric polymers with small amounts of responsive active species; c) to study processes for the integration of the new active polymers in combination with conventional materials and, when appropriate, with electrically, optically or magnetically active inorganic or hybrid dispersed nano- or micro-objects, for the production of different items responsive to different external stimuli, and test the validity through the preparation of prototypes, thus providing a real evidence of the developments possibility towards the application in several areas of commercial interest.
The main important objectives/targeted materials are: smart textiles and intelligent packaging and smart coating