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A training ground for modelling and experiments
Pisa, 7th July 2016
Area della Ricerca del CNR di Pisa
Room 27

Session 1:

    09:30 D. Markovitsi (LIDYL-CNRS, U. PARIS-SACLAY)
      UV-induced properties in DNA studied by optical spectroscopy
    10:10 A. J. Pepino (U. BOLOGNA)
      Photoinduced decay of solvated pyrimidines nucleosides resolved at the CASPT2/MM level
    10:30 L. Martinez (IBB-CNR, NAPOLI)
      The photophysics of cytosine derivatives in solution
    10:50 C. Manzoni (IFN-CNR, MILANO)
      Pushing few-optical-cycle pump-probe and two-dimensional spectroscopy to the ultraviolet
    11:10 Coffee break

Session 2:

    11:40 A. Peluso (U. SALERNO)
      Hole Transfer in DNA
    12:20 L. Esposito (IBB-CNR, NAPOLI)
      Insights on oligonucleotides from Molecular Dynamics simulations
    12:40 G. Brancato (SNS, PISA)
      A QM/MM molecular dynamics approach to DNA base tautomerism and microsolvation

Session 3:

    14:30 L. Blancafort (U.GIRONA)
      Computational studies of DNA chromophores: Cytosine derivatives and the ApU dimer
    15:10 I. Conti (U. BOLOGNA)
      A comprehensive analysis of the mechanisms leading to Thy-Thy photodimers in DNA double strand
    15:30 S. Jurinovich (U. PISA)
      Simulation of electronic circular dichroism of nucleic acids: from the structure to the spectrum
    15:50 J. Cerezo (ICCOM-CNR, PISA)
      Computational strategies to simulate the vibrational line shapes of biological complexes. Application to the CT rate in GC dimer

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