Between 9 and 11 October 2012, the XVIII Congress of the Latin American Federation of Leather Technologists and Chemists, FLAQTIC 2012, was held in Montevideo (Uruguay).

This Congress has as main objective the continuous improvement of the tanning process, innovative product development and information transfer between research institutions and industry. Therefore, in this edition INESCOP presented a paper on “European Environmental projects on tanned skin” in which the ECOFATTING (“Environmentally friendly natural products instead of cloroparaffines in the fatting phase of the tanning cycle”) LIFE project results have been shown.

The leather industry in Latin America represents 20% of world production of leather, so INESCOP participation in this conference was an excellent opportunity for the dissemination of ECOFATTING LIFE project, given the large presence of tannery technicians and chemicals in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay.

The Project
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