Giacomo Prampolini

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Giacomo Prampolini
room 43
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Short Curriculum Vitae: 
Giacomo Prampolini received, at the University of Pisa, his degree in Chemistry in 2000 (cum laude) and his PhD degree in Chemical Sciences in 2005. Since 2011 he works at the CNR, first (2011-2014) at the Institute for Physical and Chemical Processes (IPCF) and currently in ICOOM. He took part at several congresses and workshops and is coauthor of 60 scientific articles on international peer-reviewed journals. Since 2000, he has contributed to the development and implementation of several software packeges as JOYCE (parameterization of intramolecular force-fields), GETTO (topology generator utility, suitable in force-field parameterization) or PICKY (software package for the parameterization of inter-molecular force fields).
Research Interests: 
Development of theoretical methods and novel computational strategies in: i) force-fields parameterizations for computer simulations of complex materials; ii) accurate determination of spectroscopic properties in organic magnets; iii) time-dependent approaches to computational spectroscopy. Applications of multi-layered computational strategies for the in silico design of advanced materials: i) liquid crystalline materials; ii) genetic chips as a single strand DNA biosensors; iii) organic dyes in solution and confined in nano-structures (Cdots); iv) mechano-chromic polymers;