Massimo Onor

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Massimo Onor
Lab technician
Area della Ricerca, via G. Moruzzi 1, 56124 Pisa
+39 050 315.2560
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+39 3389639041
+39 050 315.2555
Short Curriculum Vitae: 
- Development of analytical method for determination of drugs in biological samples by immunological and chromatographic techniques. -Qualitative and Quantitative characterization of polymeric organic products, intermediates, additives and by-products, by mass spectrometry (MS), gas chromatography coupled to FTIR vapor detector, liquid chromatography (HPLC) with various detectors (electrochemical, spectrophotometric and refractive index detector). -Optimization of analytical methodologies for the determination and certification of organic compounds of interest in environmental chemistry Endocrine destructors (PCB, PAH and e OCP) in natural matrices from Antarctica, by hyphenated techniques GC/MS, GC/MS/MS, SFE/GC/MS and HPLC/SFE/GC/MS; Optimization of analytical methods for trace and ultra-trace elements (metals and anions) in aqueous samples from Antarctica by liquid chromatography (HPLC, IC and RPC coupled to on-line preconcentration systems. -Laboratory of Instrumental Analytical Chemistry. Analytical determination of trace and ultra-trace elements by liquid chromatography (LC); hyphenated techniques (LC-AFS); development of analytical methods. Development of a prototype of non dispersive atomic fluorescence spectrometer and optimization of a data acquisition system, study of mechanism of reaction between tetrahydroborate and elements which form volatile hydrides. Development and optimization of a hyphenated system LC coupled to non dispersive atomic fluorescence detector for the study of arsenic in wines and thiolic proteins. Development of a cell for pressure measurements equipped by a fast data acquisition system for the study of mechanism of reaction of tetrahydroborate decomposition and its derivates. Development and optimization of an analytical methodology (TD-GC-MS) for the study of the composition and determination of compounds in human breath and breath condensate as specific markers of several pathologies or indoor contamination of chemicals. Development and optimization of an analytical methodology for saliva and sweat analysis. Activities Cooperation with PMI and Thermo Electron for personnel training and support to mass spectrometry management, and public departments (University of Pisa, Institute of Clinical Physiology, CNR). Technical support to students and visiting scientists. Technical management of laboratories. Co-author of 40 publications in international journals and about 20 abstract presentations in international meetings.
Research Interests: