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Silvia Borsacchi
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Short Curriculum Vitae: 
Silvia Borsacchi, born in 1979, at present is a fixed-term CNR researcher, responsible for a research unit of a MIUR funded Futuro in Ricerca 2013 project entitled “Advanced nanostructured materials for eco-sustainable cements: investigation of the structural properties and innovative strategies for their improvement”(April 2014- April 2017) (Prot.RBFR132WSM). - 2003 Master Degree in Chemistry at the University of Pisa, 110/110 cum laude, with a thesis in physical chemistry on the use of lyotropic liquid crystals as solvents for NMR studies of the orientation and structure of solute molecules (supervisors Prof. C.A. Veracini and Dr. D. Catalano). - 2004-2006 PhD School G. Galilei in Chemical Sciences of the University of Pisa. - 2007 PhD in Chemical Sciences, thesis "Structure, dynamics and interfaces of organic-inorganic multicomponent materials by means of solid-state NMR spectroscopy", supervisors Prof. C.A. Veracini, Prof. R. Wasylishen. - 2006 visiting researcher in the Prof. Wasylishen SSNMR group (Univ. of Alberta, Canada). - 2007-2012 post-doc at DCCI-UNIPI and INSTM. SSNMR study of organic-inorganic nanocomposites, materials for environmentally sustainable energy production, shape memory systems. SB carried out her research activity in physical-chemistry. She specialized in the characterization of the structural and dynamic properties of complex solid systems by means of SSNMR. She has collaborated with many research groups specialized in the preparation and characterization of materials, thus she could compare the properties investigated through SSNMR with the relevant chemical, functional and macroscopic properties. She also collaborated to SSNMR studies on drugs, biopolymers and soft matter. She has taken part to the research activity of several national and international projects and she has worked in collaboration with several italian and foreign industries. She is coauthor of 38 publications on international scientific journals (2 invited reviews) and of an invited article for the Encyclopedia of Magnetic Resonance.
Research Interests: 
Applications of Solid State NMR spectroscopy to pharmaceutical systems, organic and inorganic materials, hybrid micro- and nano composites and soft matter.