The SOREME project will consist of different actions allowing for demonstrating that the innovative sorbent developed in the above mentioned research project can be really applied in different industrial cycles, mainly at a pre-industrial scale. The presence of the following partners guarantees the following project demonstration activities: – CONER is an industrial Association representing many different industries and in particular in the SOREME project will guarantee the demonstration of the use of the SOREME sorbent in 15 different industries. EPENZ will be a first SME which will use the SOREME sorbent as “project demonstrator company” The permanent public staff will be specifically seconded to the project. Therefore, this project aims at demonstrating the use of the poultry dejection in the bating phase of the tanning cycle at three levels: 1st. ICCOMCNR and ENEA will demonstrate at laboratory and semi-industrial levels the chemical, economical and environmental characteristics of the SOREME sorbent produced by the previous research project 2nd. Semi-industrial level: ICCOMCNR and DESOTEC will use semi-industrial pilot plants for the demonstration of the efficacy of the SOREME sorbent for filtering mercury emission at a semi-industrial scale. Consequently, this will allow for carrying out numerous trials using smaller quantities of mercury emissions than in the case of industrial production. Likewise, the project also considers different dissemination actions aimed at industrial managers related with mercury emission problems and environmental Institutions, so that they can learn the filtering phase and operate with the semi-industrial pilot plants available. 3rd. Industrial: CONER, DESOTEC and EPENZ will guarantee many demonstration activities in different real industrial cycles at an industrial scale. Additionally, dissemination days will take place in the premises of the above-mentioned industries, aimed at demonstrating the technical and financial feasibility of the innovative SOREME filtering phase, as well as the environmental advantages.

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