Main activities and services
Collection, thermal treatment, incineration, bioremedation and recycling of hazardous waste in the southern part of Estonia. Epler & Lorenz Ltd. started in 1991. Industrial activities in Tartu collection and incineration of waste incinerators built in the first Baltic States. Rotary Furnace met its technical specifications and capabilities tools understanding environmentally unfit for recycling disposal. It soon became clear that the risk to humans and the surrounding environment, and corporate as conveying the residue to remove the circle is much wider than the old oil will remain in Estonia, and in this era of the emergence of the market for hazardous waste management. With the emergence of the Estonian Waste Act in 1992 began to develop quickly legislation and company Epler &
Lorenz became the first designated as having hazardous waste handling company in South-Estonia.
The current period of operation has established waste management companies in the whole of South Estonia covering hazardous waste collection system.
There are bigger companies entered into fixed contracts for the transfer and handling of hazardous waste. Has been developed in cooperation with local governments in Tartu and the rest of Scandinavia similar to hazardous waste collection network. The network is based on the county and municipalities located collection points where residents can bring the unsafe nature of waste. Collection points are servicers AS Epler & Lorenz. A few times a year, hazardous waste collection campaigns, during which you can even upload your car’s door waste collection things not to throw trash.

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