The SOREME sorbent has the following parts:
1) A heating apparatus for the pyrolisis of waste tyres able to reach a temperature up to
800°C working in manual or automatic cycle. The heating system is represented by a
series of electrical resistances from 1500 to 2500 watts;
2) An engine for mechanical movements ;
3) An apparatus with electronic components  for the temperature control,
the control of the impregnation system ;
4) A spray/bulk impregnation system (2.5 L) in order to release onto the tyre
rubber/carbon produced by rubber pyrolisis a solution containing water or a sulfur
solution at the end or during the pyrolytic process.
5) The stainless steel vessel (25 L);
6) A temperature probe;
7) rotating blades in order to guarantee the mixing of the material during the working
cycle ;
8) CO2 gas bottle for pyrolytic process, liquid spray and cooling ;
9) Cooling tank for the collection of tar (condensable liquid) and the trapping of
sulfurous compounds in NaOH solution ;
10) Automatic and manual control unit to control temperature cycle, rotating
blades, automatic uplift and downlift of the top part of the vessel,
temporized release of the impregnation solution.W4DZwVqVPjod8l3n4R9BETV1mVJ2xPLckmOFnaYJx1c